Image courtesy of the artist


Date: 2013

Materials: Multifaceted collaborative project based in Homestead, PA, and an installation of photographic prints and video projections at Carnegie Museum of Art

Credit: Courtesy of the artist. Commissioned by Carnegie Museum of Art for the 2013 Carnegie International.

For the 2013 Carnegie International, Strauss has focused her lens on Homestead, Pennsylvania, once home to Andrew Carnegie’s flagship plant, Homestead Steel Works, and the site of the infamous 1892 labor strike. Much diminished since the plant’s 1986 closing, Homestead is now best known for its sprawling outdoor shopping center, the Waterfront, on the former site of the plant. Strauss has established a portrait studio in Homestead (operational September 2–October 14, 2013); this hallway presents her portraits of Homestead residents along with street photography, large-scale reproductions of photographs, and video taken from Chinese steel plants. We are introduced to individuals whose lives have grown up around, thanks to, in spite of, with and without the plant. Strauss’s project reflects an unswerving commitment to and enjoyment of the people living and working around her. She has also reanimated the Pump House—the historical epicenter of the strike—with a series of projections based on footage from a contemporary steel plant in Wuhan, China. The Pump House, off of E. Waterfront Drive in Homestead, is open to visitors Friday and Sunday, 10 a.m.2 p.m., October 431.


Zoe Strauss on the element of community in her work

Zoe Strauss on the use of space in her work


Co-curator Dan Byers on Zoe Strauss' project Homesteading

Co-curator Dan Byers on the artistic process of Zoe Strauss

Co-curator Dan Byers on the element of community in the work of Zoe Strauss [1 of 2]

Co-curator Dan Byers on the element of community in the work of Zoe Strauss [2 of 2]

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