Image courtesy of the artist

Tehran Paitakhte Iran Ast (Tehran Is the Capital of Iran)

Date: 1966–79

Materials: 35mm film transferred to digital format; black-and-white, sound

Length: 18 min.

Credit: Courtesy of the artist. Presentation supported by The George Foundation

Showtimes: Daily at 10:30 a.m., 1:45 p.m.; additional Thursday screening at 5 p.m.

Tehran is the Capital of Iran documents life in Khazaneh, a slum in South Tehran, setting images of abject poverty against conflicting spoken accounts from residents and government officials. Brazenly subverting his sponsor, the Women’s Organization of Iran, Shirdel contrasts the destitution of Khazaneh with official narratives, even using a speech by a representative of the Women’s Organization on the “duty of the individual” to underscore a painful discrepancy between reality and cynical government spin.  The film was banned upon completion, and production of another commission, The Women’s Quarter, was halted.  


Co-curator Tina Kukielski on Tehran Paitakhte Iran Ast (Tehran Is the Capital of Iran)

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