Art Lending Collection facilitators at the Braddock Carnegie Library, 2013 © Carnegie Museum of Art

Art Lending Collection

Art lending collection at the Braddock Carnegie Library, Braddock, PA, and viewing area in the Carnegie Museum of Art Scaife Lobby.

Credit: The Art Lending Collection is a joint project of Transformazium and the Braddock Carnegie Library Association and is part of the 2013 Carnegie International.

On view in the museum's main lobby is an introduction to artist collective Transformazium’s larger project for the 2013 Carnegie International. In partnership with the Braddock Carnegie Library—the first public library built by industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie in the world—Transformazium has created an Art Lending Collection (ALC) intended as an alternative model for experiencing art, one that fosters a sense of community around intellectual and creative engagement. The ALC includes works donated by artists in the 2013 Carnegie International as well as local, regional, and national artists. Anyone with an Allegheny County library card is able to borrow the works and take them home and to borrow a pass to the museum; the works on view here are a changing selection from the ALC curated by members of the Braddock community. 
For Transformazium, the ALC is a means to expand discourse by including the perspectives of its patrons, who are representatives of diverse cultural, educational, and class backgrounds in the once-thriving mill town of Braddock. The mobile nature of the project is intended to highlight, through lived experience, the significance of the artwork’s relationship to its context. 
The Braddock Carnegie Library is located at 419 Library Street, Braddock, PA 15104. The Art Lending Collection is open during all library hours. Call 412.351.5356 for more information. 


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