Image courtesy of the artist; Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam; Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv; and Petzel Gallery, New York

Mur i wieża (Wall and Tower)

Date: 2009

Materials: HD video; color, sound

Length: 15 min.

Credit: Courtesy of Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam, and Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv

Bartana’s recent video trilogy …And Europe Will Be Stunned (2007–11) imagines the rise of the Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland (JRMiP). The films stage a propaganda film of a political group that seeks the return to Poland of three million Jews displaced during the World War II era. The trilogy—comprising Mary Koszmary (Nightmares; 2007), Mur i wieża (Wall and Tower; 2009), and Zamach (Assassination; 2011)—will be shown in the CMA Theater during a special one-time screening event on November 21, 2013, followed by discussion with the artist.

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