Image courtesy of the artist

Old Waves (Record one and two)

Date: 2011

Materials: Video; black-and-white, sound

Length: 1:02 min.

Credit: Courtesy of the artist

While video has been important to Benning’s work as an artist, so too is the act of drawing, evident in the handwritten text that appears in the early Pixelvision videos and in the video Benning made to accompany a self-released record album, Old Waves, Record One, Old Waves, Record Two (2011), shown here. A former and founding member of the rock band Le Tigre, Benning wrote and performed all the music on this first feature solo album. The video is composed of only handwritten text taken from the lyrics and set to the syncopated rhythm of the beat.

Benning’s new series of abstract paintings, Locating Centers, is on view in the Heinz Galleries.


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