© Vincent Fecteau. Courtesy of Matthew Marks Gallery


Date: 2008

Materials: Papier-mache and acrylic paint

Dimensions: 19 3⁄4 x 28 1⁄2 x 19 in. (50.1 x 72.3 x 48.2 cm)

Credit: Collection of Donna and Howard Stone, Promised Gift to The Art Institute of Chicago

This untitled work is part of a mini-survey of sculptures from the last seven years highlighting Fecteau’s distinct formal language. Wrought on an intimate scale and rendered in both elegant and playfully awkward muted color schemes, the taut outcroppings and dark crevices are connected through illogical turns of surface and recess. Though each sculpture is kin to the next, they exhibit a vast array of dispositions; some sit lonely, others feel complete and abundant, while others assert a near-corporeal presence almost aggressively. While the artist’s hand is evident in each uniquely shaped and beautifully painted form, the energy that each object exudes from within extends beyond its surface.


Co-curator Dan Byers on the influence of Ken Price on Vincent Fecteau's work

Heinz A