run run run

  • Sketch for installation of run run run; Courtesy of Tezuka Architects
  • Photo: Greenhouse Media
  • Photo: Greenhouse Media

Date: 2013

Materials: Installation; digital projection, curtain, floor mat, and balloons

Dimensions: Variable

Credit: Courtesy of Tezuka Architects Supported by The Japan Foundation, New York

Tezuka Architect's immersive installation for the 2013 Carnegie International re-presents one of their recent projects: Fuji Kindergarten, completed in suburban Tokyo in 2007, most striking for its oval roof deck accessible from a generous patio and, via skylights, from the classrooms below. Children are allowed to run at will across the roof and can descend directly to the patio by slide.

Here, the installation’s curtain defines a closed yet moldable space and functions as a screen for projections of the architects’ film of Fuji Kindergarten. The inside hosts a soft mat and balloons, allowing play, tactile experience, and spatial exploration so important in a time when education has become more and more obsessed with sitting still and staring at screens.  


Co-curator Daniel Baumann on working with Tezuka Architects

Co-curator Daniel Baumann on the creative approach of Tezuka Architects

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