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To Dürer

Date: 1976

Materials: 4 black-and-white photographs

Dimensions: 19 11⁄16 x 23 5⁄8 in. (50 x 60 cm) each

Credit: Collection of the artist

To Dürer (along with the photographic series Artist at Work, on the adjacent wall), reflect Stilinović’s belief that “there is no art without laziness.” Non-work and non-activity are a form of protest against capitalism and a Western art world that favors the production and promotion of objects over what Stilinović sees as the “virtues of laziness”: impotence, futile concentration, amnesia, indifference. As he describes in his text In Praise of Laziness, on view in the adjoining gallery, the practice of laziness also confounds a socialist conception of labor in that any activity (even non-activity) can be conceived of as work. To Dürer is a homage to Albrecht Dürer's drawings of pillows, studies of eccentric form, volume, and shadow. Stilinović's photographic studies return the objects to their just-slept-in use, their banality, and reflect his conception of creativity reanimated.

Gallery One