Paul Sharits's Ray Gun Virus

Still from Ray Gun Virus, 1966, 16mm film; color, silent; 14 min., National Endowment for the Arts Purchase Grant for the Acquisition of Films by Living American Film Makers and Matching $5,000 Gift of the Women's Committee

Tue, October 1


On view in the Scaife Galleries October 1–20
As part of the Collection component of the 2013 Carnegie International, experimental films from 1950s–70s will be on view in the Scaife Galleries, highlighting the work of the museum’s groundbreaking Film Section over the years.
Paul Shartis's Ray Gun Virus (1966) is a transfixing, must-see-in-person “flicker” film that distills the cinematic experience to projected light and color patterns, allowing “the viewer to become aware of the electrical-chemical functioning of his own nervous system.” Sharits, a protégé of Stan Brakhage, is a pivotal figure in the development of the structural film movement, characterized by a fixed camera position and film strobing. 
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