On View: Three Films by Gordon Matta-Clark

Still from Conical Intersect, 1975, 16mm film; color, silent; 18:40 min., Purchase: gift of Juliet Lea Hillman Simonds Foundation

Tue, December 24


On view in the Scaife Galleries December 24–January 19
As part of the Collection component of the 2013 Carnegie International, experimental films from 1950s–70s will be on view in the Scaife Galleries, highlighting the work of the museum’s groundbreaking Film Section over the years.
A self-described “anarchitect,” Matta-Clark is known for “building cut” documentation films, which extend the artist’s radical investigations of architecture, space, and deconstruction. Matta-Clark used a number of media to document his architectural interventions, including film, video, and photography. 
Screening includes: Splitting, 1974, color and black-and-white, silent; 11 min.; Bingo, 1974, color, silent; 9 min.; and Conical Intersect, 1975, color, silent; 18 min.
See the full film schedule on The Collection page.