On View: Owen Land's New Improved Institutional Quality

Still from New Improved Institutional Quality: In the Environment of Liquids and Nasals of Parasitic Vowel Sometimes Develops, 1976, 16mm film transferred to video; Color, sound; 10 min.; National Endowment for the Arts Purchase Grant for the Acquisition of Films by Living American Film Makers, and Director's Discretionary Fund with Monies Given by the Women's Committee

Mon, February 17


On view in the Scaife Galleries February 17–March 16
As part of the Collection component of the 2013 Carnegie International, experimental films from 1950s–70s will be on view in the Scaife Galleries, highlighting the work of the museum’s groundbreaking Film Section over the years.
Constructed around a found soundtrack in which a female voice administers an IQ test, this witty, self-referential film tracks the effects of the soundtrack on a male examinee, who passes through a Chinese box of impossible perspectives into the filmmaker’s imagination. 
George Landow was a man of many names and talents, working under the pseudonyms Owen Land, Orphan Morphan, and Apollo Jize. Landow is known as a painter, writer, photographer, and experimental filmmaker. Landow studied a diverse range of skills, including drawing, painting, sculpture, industrial design, architecture, acting, improvisation, classical guitar, flamenco guitar, classical piano, and music composition. 
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